A range of aerial platforms with different configurations to meet all your needs.

From 13 to 26 m working height, a constantly evolving range with three keywords: friendly use, safety and high performance.


Why yo choose an I-Lift platform?

Friendly use

Simple operating system with faultcode diagnosis and easy to repair on site


Aerial platforms designed in different and several configurations to solve all your lifting need

Simple to use

User friendly, with 4-step operation from start to working al height


To overcome all limits with the speed guarantee by new automated systems. The most advantage technology al your service

Towable transporable

Very compact and low weight. Two important strenghts that allow the crawler to be tow on a trailer behind mini-vans and 4x4 vehicles

Customer service

Thanks to the PS.S. by I-Lift, the customer is never alone, at any time and in any place the platform stays connected with us. Among the possibilities of the PS.S. system: fault, reports, fault solutions, updates, maintenance, GPS

I-Lift, Performance to the top means extreme access solution

Versatile Indoors, Robust Outdoor, in maintenace & in tree care

I-Lift Access Solution is an Italian company operation in the aerial platform sector and focused on crawler lifts to provide all access solutions. I-Lift was founded in Bari by a group of partners with many years of experience behind them.

Young by birth but with a background of over 20 years in the lifting field, I-Lift enters the market by offering high-performance products with an eye to the world of safety.

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