Those who choose an I-LIFT aerial platform do it for many good reasons, but above all for the incredible performance of the machine, for its friendly use and, last but not least, for the safety guaranteed by our products. Above all, the Platform Support Service system.

An advanced assistance system of automotive derivation, designed and created in collaboration with our dealers, suppliers and above all customers. P.S.S. in fact, allows you to monitorize the operating status of the vehicles at any time, intervene in the resolution of any problems, report scheduled maintenance, offer the geolocation of the machine and much more.

Thanks to the latest generation software and using a perfect interaction with the aeral platform in all its parts, the P.S.S. becomes an indispensable workmate who accompanies the operator throughout his working day, guaranteeing maximum safety at all times and optimizing the performance of the machine so that it is always possible to take full advantage of it.

And because the satisfaction of the end user and his safety are our primary objective, the I-Lift Platform Support Service system is not an optional, but is fitted as standard on all our platforms.